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Unraveling an Unsolved Heist: ‘This Is a Robbery’ on Netflix

February 17, 2023

The unsolved Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist of 1990 remains one of the most fascinating and mysterious criminal cases. In what was dubbed “the greatest art heist in history,” two men posing as police officers entered the museum in Boston, Massachusetts around 1:00 am on March 18th and proceeded to steal 13 works of art with a combined value estimated at over $500 million. Despite numerous attempts by law enforcement and private individuals to solve this case, no arrests have ever been made.

Now, Netflix’s new documentary This Is A Robbery dives deep into this heist and offers an up-close look at all the intricate details surrounding it. Through interviews with key figures involved in the investigation as well as experts from different fields such as criminology, art history, and forensic science, This Is A Robbery provides an intriguing insight into this legendary crime that still remains unsolved today.

It begins by introducing viewers to Isabella Stewart Gardner herself – a wealthy philanthropist who founded the museum bearing her name after building much of its initial collection with her own money. After taking us through Gardner’s inspiring story and her impressive feats in business and philanthropy which ultimately led to founding what would become one of Boston’s most beloved cultural institutions, we are then taken on a journey through the night of March 18th, 1990 when two men masquerading as policemen entered the museum shortly before closing time only never to leave again until they had successfully stolen 13 famous works including Rembrandt’s Storm On The Sea Of Galilee painting which is valued at $200 million alone. Through interviews with some people who were present during that fateful night such as security guards or nearby pedestrians who recall seeing suspicious activity outside (but surprisingly not inside) the museum grounds we start getting a greater sense of how this daring robbery could have been pulled off so easily even though there were no signs that forced entry had taken place.

The documentary then moves on to explore some potential suspects behind these crimes including Myles J Connor Jr., a notorious art thief whose criminal record included multiple robberies across multiple states spanning several decades (including stealing paintings directly from museums). We see how Connor denied any involvement in this case but also maintained his innocence despite being tailed by FBI agents for months after his release from prison due to suspected connections between him or his associates and other possible suspects such as Alfred “Skip” Teller – another notorious criminal who was known for burglarizing high-end residences around New England during late ’80s/early ’90s (which included stealing artwork).

This Is A Robbery does not limit itself however only looking at potential suspects but instead expands further exploring every possibility related to why or how these works might have been stolen from their rightful owners – whether it be organized crime rings trafficking them overseas or even if they were sold directly back onto US market by someone close within Gardner Museum itself (as some testimonies suggest). As viewers follow investigators tirelessly pursuing leads while chasing down rumors across four different continents it becomes clear just how complex this case is yet also excitingly mysterious because despite years since its occurrence still nobody knows precisely what happened that night back in 1990 nor where those masterpieces now rest…until proven otherwise!

One thing can certainly be said though: This Is A Robbery succeeds greatly at whetting our appetites for further exploration into one of America’s biggest unsolved mysteries – making us wonder about what else could possibly remain hidden beneath surface waiting for us to discover?

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