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From Drug Lord’s Den to Artistic Retreat

February 10, 2023

In the early eighties, the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar built a mansion in Tulum, Mexico, as an escape and hideaway from the law. The mansion was used to host wild parties and was a place of luxury and excess for Pablo and his associates.

Fast-forward to today, and the mansion has been transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel. Casa Malca, as it is now known, is a luxurious art-filled retreat offering guests a unique and beautiful experience.

The property was purchased by Lio Malca, an art collector, in 2012. Malca has filled the mansion with an array of fascinating and eclectic art pieces. The mansion has been tastefully renovated, and the hotel offers a range of luxurious suites and villas with private terraces, plunge pools, and outdoor showers.

The hotel also has a bar and restaurant, as well as a range of activities such as yoga and beach volleyball. Guests can also explore the nearby Mayan ruins of Tulum, or relax by the pool and enjoy the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Casa Malca is a unique and beautiful place to visit and offers guests a fascinating insight into the life of Pablo Escobar. It is also a great way to appreciate the beauty of Tulum and the surrounding areas, as well as the art and culture of Mexico.

Casa Malca is a fantastic example of how a notorious property can be transformed into a luxurious and beautiful retreat. The mansion has been tastefully renovated and decorated, and the art pieces create a unique and intriguing atmosphere. The hotel is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Tulum and the Caribbean Sea, while also giving guests the opportunity to delve into the fascinating history of Pablo Escobar.

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